when-blackbirds-flyWelcome to the dark and troubling world of When Black Birds Fly, a dystopian animated mind-warping propaganda film set in another dimension! Set in the mysterious black and white town of ‘Heaven’ that is under the rule of a charismatic leader named ‘Caine,’ who commands his citizens to unconditionally love and obey him and to NEVER venture onto the other side of the wall where his arch nemesis steals and corrupts lost souls. Two disillusioned children decide to ignore Caine’s warnings when they become obsessed with the huge number of black birds that populate the town. After chasing one, they discover a talking kitten with a broken leg, who begs them to crawl through a hole in the wall to help her. In return she introduces them to a brightly colored mind-altering fruit and brings them to meet the Evil One, who attempts to teach them the forbidden knowledge that Caine is hiding from them all.

When Black Birds Fly is both a unique and terrifying experience that features graphic scenes of animated violence, freaky sex, mind-bending nightmare imagery, an ultra-creepy soundtrack, and many other dark depravities you can’t even imagine! It is truly a one of a kind experience and is recommended for ADULTS ONLY!! Bonus features include: ‘ScreamerClauz Action Figure’ Shorts, Behind the Scenes Voice Acting Montage, ‘Reality Bleed-Through’ Short, Bonus Trailers, Art Gallery, Interactive Animated Menus, Reversible Cover Art, Propaganda Reels, ‘Mutwa’ Music Video, Deleted Scenes (plus an option to watch the feature with deleted scenes), Butcher’s Harem ‘Clinical Sodomy’ Music Video, ‘Affection’ Short Film, and Director’s Commentary.