Archie vs. Predator – Graphic Novel Review


Archie vs Predator Written by Alex De Campi Illustrated by Fernando Ruiz Dark Horse Books November 17, 2015 Reviewed by Jess Landry They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I would say that if reading material were provided along that road, it would end up being Archie vs. Predator. The idea of these two characters meeting was too intriguing to pass up, but in a car-accident-waiting-to-happen sort of way. And after reading it, I’m still not sure what to make of it. Even Archie Comics’ CCO, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, can’t quite comprehend exactly what this is as he talks about the mash-up in his introduction. The story itself is pretty straightforward – the crew from Riverdale win a Spring Break vacation to Costa Rica and the usual drama ensues between the iconic ginger and the two girls who can’t seem to get enough of him. All is fine and dandy, with the exception of a sole Predator that has crash landed nearby the festivities and needs to collect some trophies. After a few dismemberments, the alien follows Archie and co. back to Riverdale. From this point on, it becomes an unexpected battle royale with surprisingly no lack of blood, guts and … [Read more...]

Horror Comedy ‘Crying Wolf’ Gets A VOD Release Date!


A blood moon rises this December when director Tony Jopia’s goosebump-stirring horror-comedy Crying Wolf premieres on VOD. A “fun, fast-paced werewolf romp” (Dread World) Crying Wolf tells the story of strange and weird goings on in a little English village called Deddington. The gruesome death of local girl Charlotte by a rabid monster causes alarm and revulsion - before desperate reporters, crazy detectives and revenge-seeking hunters descend on the scene! Legendary scream queen Caroline Munro (Maniac), Joe Egan (Sherlock Holmes) and Kristofer Dayne (Rush) star in what critics say is “a refreshingly funny movie with plenty of slapstick gore and some nice genre in-jokes” (Spooky Isles). Crying Wolf is released December 12th from Uncork’d Entertainment. … [Read more...]

Love Anime AND Horror? You’ll Want To Check Out Pocket Gothic


Whether you're a horror fan, an anime enthusiast or both, you've got something to be excited about today! In a thrilling new video, Fedeen Games is giving the world its first look at the dynamic new side-scrolling brawler Pocket Gothic for mobile. The video focuses primarily on the Arcanist class, showcasing her abilities as she carves through legions of foes hell-bent on taking her down. The gorgeous effects combined with the intuitive, smooth controls and skill combo system are sure to provide an experience as engaging as it is visually stunning. Also on display is the ability of every class to transform into the formidable Darkborn, a demonic creature possessing devastating levels of power. By attacking enemies, players can feed their inner Darkborn until it is ready to emerge. While in Darkborn form, skill cooldowns are greatly reduced, and an exclusive Darkborn attack is also made available. If this video has you dying for more, make sure you pre-register for Pocket Gothic to receive in-game rewards when the game launches. Facebook: … [Read more...]

‘SNOWFALL’ Brings Deadly Chill to Comic Book Stores This February


Bestselling writer Joe Harris (The X-Files) and artist Martín Morazzo (Vertigo Quarterly), creators of GREAT PACIFIC, reunite for an all-new ongoing science-fiction series set in the year 2045—where it no longer snows. “With Snowfall, we’re presenting a 21st century America in which the climate has gone completely to shit and where fully recognized corporate personhood and control isn’t just accepted, but necessary. The time for industry forces lying about the effects of climate change have long passed,” said Harris. “They’ve moved on to profiting mightily from managing the fallout now. The haves enjoy the resources to mitigate the damage while the have-nots suffer the effects more acutely, living in these resettlement zones that are jointly administered by those same corporate forces with their fingerprints all over the crash. And it’s against this backdrop that resistance takes place. It isn’t clean, pretty or neat. Sometimes, we’re going to see, it’s not even that noble a fight. But desperation makes men do desperate things. This is a series with plenty of sci-fi action, 'mad scientist’ manipulations and schemes, and a protagonist who may—or may not—be the greatest … [Read more...]

Viz Media To Release ‘Bloody Mary’


VIZ Media, LLC (VIZ Media), the largest distributor, publisher and licensor of manga and anime in North America, expands its shojo manga (graphic novel) roster next month with the launch of BLOODY MARY on December 1st. The new series by creator Akaza Samamiya is rated ‘T’ for Teen and will be published under the Shojo Beat imprint with an MSRP of $9.99 U.S. / $12.99 CAN. BLOODY MARY also launches digitally on December 1st via and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and GooglePlay stores. Future editions of the series will be released quarterly. “Bloody” Mary is not your typical vampire. He can withstand sunlight, holds a reflection in mirrors, refuses to drink blood–and wants 17-year-old student and priest Maria to kill him. But to Mary’s dismay, Maria doesn’t know how to kill vampires. Desperate to die, Mary agrees to become Maria’s bodyguard until Maria can find a way to kill him at last. “BLOODY MARY is a supernatural drama infused with suspense, cheeky humor and unique characters. We invite shojo readers to catch the debut of VIZ Media’s new release next month,” says Erica Yee, Editor. BLOODY MARY creator Akaza … [Read more...]

Team17 Announces That We’ll Be ‘Sheltered’ From ‘Allison Road’ In 2016!


Award-winning games label Team17 have today released details of its exciting 2016 line-up. 2015 has been quite the year for the games industry veterans who this month have seen its Worms franchise enter its 21 st year whilst the company is preparing to celebrate its 25th anniversary in December. Team17 have also released a new video that takes a look ahead at the label’s exciting 2016 releases featuring: Sheltered – A post-apocalyptic disaster management game that gives a whole new meaning to the term “nuclear family”. With all hope lost, how will you cope in this bleak new world? How you handle the many moral choices you'll encounter on a daily basis could be the difference between your family surviving or dying. Combat claustrophobia, radiation and mental exhaustion as you cling desperately to life in the cramp, cold and scary underground shelter. You’ll have to leave the scant protection the shelter offers behind as you’re forced to venture outside into the dangerous desolate wasteland to scavenge for vital supplies which could ensure your families survival for just one more day. Allison Road - You wake up one night without any recollection of prior events. Now it … [Read more...]

November JournalStone Hellnotes Newsletter


Happy Thanksgiving for those of you living in the U.S. For everyone else, you should consider having a holiday like this. mean, what's not to like? A day off to celebrate family and eat all the food you can possible handle. There's only goodness in that. Of course, I wouldn't want to forget our Canadian readers who celebrated their Thanksgiving last month. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you! We here at JournalStone are really excited about the books we have coming to you in the next several weeks! First off, we have Gary A. Braunbeck's Halfway Down the Stairs, a collection of short stories that cover the over thirty year career of one of the horror genre's premier writers. You definitely won't want to miss this one. In the mood for something a little more Lovecraftian? We've got you covered here also. The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft is a collection of stories edited by Aaron J. French and is written by an amazing array of horror talent. Authors such as Jonathan Maberry, Joe Lansdale, and Christopher Golden have contributed stories that feature each of the twelve major gods in the Lovecraft pantheon. Finally, there's X's for Eyes by Laird Barron, a tale of corporate … [Read more...]

Get Ready for MST3K’s Turkey Day ’15 Marathon!


Break out the three-layer dip and pureed giblets, it’s time to celebrate Turkey Day Mystery Science Theater 3000 style! This year, give thanks for turkeys of the cinematic variety as Shout! Factory continues its revival of the beloved holiday tradition with a newly curated Mystery Science Theater 3000 Turkey Day streaming marathon, hosted by show creator Joel Hodgson. Starting at 12 pm ET/ 9 am PT on Thursday, November 26th, visit to join the Turkey Day festivities. Featuring six classic episodes hand-picked by Hodgson himself, this year’s Turkey Day Marathon will also celebrate the halfway point of MST3K’s month-long Kickstarter campaign. As part of the celebration, Hodgson will be online interacting with fans throughout the marathon, so join the conversation with fellow MSTies by using #BringBackMST3K to share your favorite riffs, jokes and MST3K memories. This year’s Turkey Day will also mark the return of MST3K’s tradition of sharing fan mail submissions, so fans who write a letter, draw a picture or compose a song about why they are thankful for MST3K have a chance to have their contribution shared on the official MST3K social channels during the … [Read more...]

New Fallout(R) Bundle celebrates the hottest gaming franchise of the year!


Get your bottle caps ready and celebrate the start of the Bethesda Sale at Bundle Stars ( with one of the hottest gaming series available. Enter the post-apocalyptic wasteland of America, and fight for your survival! Today, Bundle Stars opens the vault and unlocks the Fallout® Bundle, offering everything you need to prepare yourself for the new Fallout 4. Learn the story of the Vault Dwellers, and find out what has become of a United States of America ravaged by radiation. Explore the dangerous remains of major cities including Las Vegas, and the capital Washington D.C. This action-packed bundle includes not only all of the classic Fallout titles, alongside the critically acclaimed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, but all of the extra DLC packs too. This is definitely one bundle you don’t want to miss. Fallout® Bundle: · Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game – Emerge from Vault 13 and explore the classic post-apocalyptic role-playing game; the original title in the classic Fallout series. · Fallout 2: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game – Return to the Wasteland and work to save your village from poisonous radiation, megalomaniac mutants, and a … [Read more...]

Release Date Announced for Home Invasion Horror Flick ‘Intruders’


PANIC ROOM meets YOU'RE NEXT in this gripping home invasion horror-thriller, full of shocks and surprises. After three criminals, including fan favorite Martin Starr, break into a supposedly empty house, they find themselves in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the occupant, a shy young woman with a few nasty tricks of her own to play on the invaders. WHAT THE CRITICS ARE SAYING... "Shut In is a highly competent, suspenseful, and fun thriller that never overstays its welcome." - Film School Rejects "This is a movie to see in a packed house so you can all go on the ride together" - Crave Online "It's a siege thriller with a twist - a tale of survival with a mean streak and an emotional undercurrent so raw that it makes the terror on-screen feel all the more real." - The Reel Roundup "It's almost impossible to look away from what is happening..." - The Film Reel Starring: Beth Riesgraf, Jack Kesy, Martin Starr (Dead Snow), Rory Culkin Directed by: Adam Schindler Producers: Steven Schneider, Jeff Rice, Lati Grobman, Erik Olsen Executive Producers: Tommy Vlahopoulos, Christa Campbell, Matthew Lamothe, Brian Netto, Rob Van Norden In Theaters and on VOD … [Read more...]