Written and directed by Timothy Vandenberg
Starring: Louise Ogle, Penny Kohut, and Renee Farrabarrow
Reviewed by Jess Landry

I absolutely love it when a short film delivers, and clocking in at just under nine minutes, Agatha manages to pull off a meaty punch.

Within that short timeframe, viewers are treated to the story of a poor orphaned girl sometime in the late 1800s. Through some fashion or another, she’s recruited to bring one meal a night to a strange person living in a woman’s attic. The woman’s instructions are clear: leave the food on the table by the bed, and never venture past it. And though I’m sure you can assume what happens next, just know that things are not entirely as they seem.

Beautifully executed, Agatha is a short and sweet treat for lovers of horror and high tension. The acting is good, the atmosphere is on par, the set design is excellent, and the visual effects are superb. Bonus points for the short being female-led.

If you stumble upon Agatha be it at a festival or somewhere online, do yourself a favour and check it out. Gems like this one are few and far between.