JournalStoneHappy February! The Superbowl is past and you’ve either celebrated madly, cried bitterly, or stifled a disinterested yawn. Regardless of your interest level in American football, I think we can all agree that we must start preparing for that greatest of manufactured holidays, Valentine’s Day. As you begin your preparations for that most auspicious day, I have to ask you a question. What better way is there to say I love you to your Valentine than to present him or her with the finest in horror from JournalStone. I know I can’t think of anything better.

With the recent addition of Bizarro Pulp Press to the JournalStone family, we want to make sure you are aware of the great works we’ll have for you under that imprint. In future newsletters, we’ll also give you a look at the books being released for the current month and the following month, just like we do with our JournalStone works.

As always, I have to put in a plug for Dark Discoveries Magazine. If you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for? It only offers the finest in interviews, original fiction, and special features in all of the horror realm. You just can’t allow yourself to miss anymore issues. No, really, you can’t.

January was a big month for us here at JournalStone. The Horror Writers Association released the preliminary nominees for the Bram Stoker Awards, and we’re proud to say that our authors were well represented on that list. Here are our nominees:

Superior Achievement in a Novel

Patrick Freivald – Jade Sky
Brett J. Talley – The Reborn

Superior Achievement in Long Fiction

Joe R. Lansdale – Fishing for Dinosaurs, Limbus, Inc., Book II
Jonathan Maberry – Three Guys Walk Into a Bar, Limbus, Inc., Book II
Joe McKinney – Lost and Found, Limbus, Inc., Book II

Superior Achievement in an Anthology
Brett J. Talley – Limbus, Inc., Book II

Again, congratulations to the nominees who have allowed JournalStone to publish their works.

I hope you have a great February. Even though Punxatawny Phil predicted six more weeks of winter, here’s to the hope that warm spring days are right around the corner for you.

Until next month…

Russ Thompson
Public Relations/Marketing



Get the following titles, as well as many other exciting offerings, at JournalStone BookStore.

by Brian W. Matthews

An ancient relic lost to the world ages ago surfaces in Missouri.

Miles Knight, a skeptic suddenly threatened by forces he cannot comprehend,

scrambles to stay alive.

Chased by a murderous hit man, assailed by unspeakable evils, Miles finds unexpected aid in Bartholomew Owens, the Forever Man, and his protégé, Katie Bethel.

From the sleepy heartland of America to the corrupt dangers of Africa, from the forgotten ruins beneath the Vatican to the simmering heat of Istanbul – they race to secure the safety of mankind, and to ultimately stop a deranged reverend from unleashing a holocaust that could bring civilization to its knees.

Revelation is the follow-up to Matthews’ popular debut novel, Forever Man.

The Amazing Mr. Howard
by Kenneth W. Harmon

When a teenaged girl from a wealthy Colorado family goes missing, desperate police turn to Mr. Howard. A professor and self-proclaimed psychic, Mr. Howard has a history of assisting investigators. Or does he?

State Police Detective Willard suspects Mr. Howard is more than what he appears. He launches an investigation of the mysterious and eccentric Mr. Howard that sets off a chain of events that spirals out of control toward a shocking and pulse-pounding conclusion.

In the tradition of Thomas Harris,’ Hannibal Lecter, The Amazing Mr. Howard introduces a truly memorable character that readers won’t soon forget. Mr. Howard is a nightmare from which no one awakens.

Get the following titles, as well as many other exciting offerings, at JournalStone BookStore.

Black Water
by Bobby Norman

Conceived in the black water swamps of Louisiana, her life was ripped from the womb of death and destruction. Her appearance was mostly human, a ruse planned far in advance. The swamp, her home, was a bubbling cesspool of superstition, suspicion, and accusation. She was a foul, sour presence, more creature than human, a thing so vile and loathsome that her name alone sent cold fear down the spine.

She had a name and everyone knew it, but to mention it was to invite her in. She preferred being alone, but wasn’t above capturing some poor soul too stupid to know any better.

As evil as she was, she knew love, but a man by the name of Hubert Lusaw killed what she loved.

He probably shouldn’t have done that.

by Gregory Bastianelli

Smokey Hollow is a quiet town, but all that changes when Brian Keays moves in and discovers a locked steamer trunk in the attic of his home.

A suspicious fire destroys a mental asylum, but there is no sign of any of its inhabitants. Victims are found dead with a pillowcase over their heads, the same method used in an unsolved series of murders, committed over fifty years ago.

Brian tries to piece together the connection to the trunk and its grisly contents, his investigation aided by anonymous notes. He follows the trail from a ventriloquist firefighter whose dummy knows more than its puppeteer, to a Somnambulist whose pockets contain clues, and to a Knackerman who disposes of animal carcasses but keeps a container with its own mysterious contents.

Death is everywhere, but answers are hard to come by.