header60 Seconds!
Robot Gentleman
Available on PC
May 25, 2015
Reviewed by Jess Landry

Ever wondered if you have the ability to survive a nuclear apocalypse? Would you know what supplies to grab? Would you know what to avoid? How long do you think you’d last? The fine folks over at Robot Gentleman have no doubt asked themselves these same questions. But instead of waiting for the nuclear fallout to hit, they decided to be proactive and create 60 Seconds!, a fun little post-apocalyptic survival game.

60 Seconds! sees the player assume the role of Ted, the typical 1960s family man complete with sweater vest and slicked Dippity-Do hair. Your goal (depending on what mode you choose) is to gather as many helpful items around the house as possible in sixty seconds, and to throw them into your very own fallout shelter. Whether the items include weapons, food, water or even some of your family members is completely up to you. Have enough room for an axe but not your son? Godspeed, little Timmy. Once the bombs go off and you make it to your fallout shelter, the goal is then to ration supplies and see how long you can make it with the items you collected.

There are three types of atomic adventures for your nuclear apocalyptic training (four if you count the tutorial). Apocalypse mode is the main adventure described above, which has you gathering supplies in one minute and then seeing how long you can survive in the shelter. In Scavenge mode, you still have sixty seconds to grab as much as you can and lug it into the shelter, but rather than strategize your supplies in the day-by-day in the shelter, there’s simply a message telling you how long you lasted based on the supplies you gathered. Survival mode skips the scavenge part and sees you already in the shelter with a stockpile of random items. Your goal in this mode is to survive as long as you can with what’s been given to you.

60 Seconds! is an entertaining, single-player strategy game. The 1960’s aesthetic adds a kitschy, fun factor to gameplay; the graphics and sounds fit the timepiece perfectly. The controls are quite simple: a mouse and arrow keys are all you need to navigate the house when scavenging. There’s nothing overtly challenging or insanely strategic with 60 Seconds!, it’s just a fun and simple way to kill an hour or two.

Available now for PC on Steam.