The Vampire Bat
Directed by Frank Strayer
Produced by Phil Goldstone
Screen Story by Edward T. Lowe
Starring Melvyn Douglas, Lionel Atwill, Fay Wray, and Maude Eborne
Digitally restored by The Film Detective & UCLA Film and Television Archive April 25, 2017
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

Having grown up with original classics like 1933’s King Kong by creator Merian C. Cooper, and 1954’s Seven Samurai, starring Takashi Shimura – viewing The Vampire Bat was a no-brainer. But watching it digitally re-mastered by The Film Detectives made the experience 100% more amazing!

When the European town of Kleines Schloss begins to pile up on bodies drained of blood, it’s up to Officer Brettschneider to discover who the killer is. It’s a difficult case, since everyone believes a vampire, or vampire bats are the culprit. The case becomes more frightening for Brettschneider, the closer to home the murders get.

The original movie is hazy, shady, and difficult to see in certain frames, but as of March 2017, everything changed for the fab black and white. Shots are now clear and in excellent condition and easy on the eyes, thanks to the UCLA Film & Television Archive. Known for their talent of preserving and showcasing classics, a miracle was performed on the Frank Strayer masterpiece.

Filled with a fantastic cast, the story is ahead of its time. With light special effects, which allow the imagination to create the suspense and thrills, it’s a sure win for any vintage movie lover. The Vampire Bat is now available. Grab your copy and enjoy!