Christian Galacar
March 2, 2018
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

This story strikes close to home, thanks to the main character being a struggling author. Peter Martell needs a break. A break and a good story and a cure for his failing marriage. He’s depressed from an accident every parent dreads and his excessive drinking doesn’t help. Just when there seems to be nothing that can raise him from his never-ending fall into chaos, he finds Gilchrist – a simple little town.

Or is it?

Cue the orchestral Dun Dun Duuuun! Gilchrist, by Christian Galacar, is one of those stories you’re immediately absorbed into. You like Peter and you want him to catch a stroke of luck. But the town he decides to visit, for a getaway with his wife, simply isn’t the place to be. Gilchrist isn’t safe. Strange accidents take place and people disappear. The residents seem fine but they know something’s awry. It’s not until Peter discovers a manuscript that seems to describe his miserable life, in detail, that things take a turn for the absolute worst.

Written with otherworldly mystery and totally insane characters that rise from the pages, Gilchrist is one of those books I could have finished in hours instead of days (busy schedule). The bizarre events that unfold lead you to a cause so science fiction, you wonder exactly what genre this book is supposed to sit in. The violent deaths have you feel you’re reading a Stephen King novel and what you’re left with leaves you satisfied.

What I appreciate most from Gilchrist is that it leads you to think your decisions aren’t your own. It takes you to a place beyond religion and definitely not fate. Everything’s been written for each and every person… but who’s doing the writing? Check out Gilchrist and see for yourself.