The Madame In Black (Svarta Madam)
Written, Produced, and Directed by Jarno Lee Vinsencius
Starring Demis, Tzirus, Ellinor Rosander, Ida Gyllensten, and Kase Chlopecki
28 February 2017
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

How in the world can a person manage to squeeze vast amounts of creepy, spooky, and horror into twenty four minutes? If it seems impossible, you are wrong. Writer, producer, and director, Jarno Lee Visencius, did it with excellent precision, talent, and in Swedish! Winning four festival awards and nominations in others, I’d say Vinsencius is on his way to glory!

From the maker of movies such as Darkness Falls, Burn In Hell, and more, comes The Madame In Black or Svarta Madam. It tells the story of siblings, Emma and Alex, who dabble in a bit of folklore, twice. The first time as children, the second on Emma’s birthday, as adults. From there, the story carries you through the evening with hopes that things go well for those who entertained the idea of the mysterious madame in black as anything but real.

Shrouded in magnificent scenery and an atmosphere sure to cause a few nightmares, the Nordic film strikes so much terror, one of the young actors almost caused the movie to be scraped! It’s carefully written and executed, allowing a realism that literally makes you want for more. The story draws your interest more than the effects, but they were perfect as well – because there was barely any need. The urban legend does its own work!

The Madame In Black released in February of 2017. Be sure to watch it; it’s not very long, but has mainstream theater appeal.