The Dark Below
Directed by Douglas Schulze
Story and Screenplay by Douglas Schulze with Jonathan D’Ambrosio
Produced by Kurt Eli Mary and Kathryn J. McDermott
Music by David Bateman
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

There are movies that grab you, and there are movies that snatch you up, poison you, wrap you up in a skin-tight water suit, and drop you below the ice, into an icy grave… That’s what happens during the opening credits of The Dark Below, a Douglas Schulze film. I’ve never watched anything like this, and I was one hundred percent captivated!

If you’re one who can’t handle enclosed spaces, this isn’t the film for you. There’s a frigid game of cat and mouse that takes place, as you’re introduced to a woman assaulted by a dangerous man. He’s cold, uncaring, and very methodical about his process, but it’s what you’re shown that makes the movie gripping. Without any words, other than three whispered in the very beginning, you are taken through every step that lead up to the attack.

Douglas Schulze took an idea and made it a musical masterpiece. Through images and score, The Dark Below tells an amazing story of secrets, lies, and a precarious obsession with water. You endure a voyeuristic fight for her life, while enjoying every minute’s discovery.

There was but one issue held with the movie and it has to do with icy waters. Sadly, details can’t be provided without giving away spoilers, and that’s not what I do. Just know that what is done cannot be undone, no matter how great the medical science.

The movie is amazing, the story is fabulous, and the thrills are very cool! The Dark Below releases later this year. Be sure to see it!