STAR (Space Traveling Alien Reject)
Directed by Adam R. Steigart
Written by Adam R. Steigart, Janeen Avery, Christopher Burns, Jr., and Mark Mendola
Produced by Adam R. Steigart, Janeen Avery, and Christopher Burns, Jr.
Aprl 28, 2017
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

When I viewed the trailer for STAR (Space Traveling Alien Reject), I figured it was going to be one of the cheesiest, mostcomedic, 80s-themed movies I’ve ever seen. I am so happy I went in with low expectations. Had I presumed it would be better than the preview suggested, I’d have been riled.

I’m not exactly sure which character the movie is about. It begins with some amazing special effects, where a strange blue creature is flying an alien ship. It’s doing its best to escape an attack by another space vessel, but unfortunately crash lands on earth. There, the movie shifts to a loser named Greg Vincent. An author, down on his luck and hunted by a faction of ruthless mobsters, Greg does his best to hide away from life. But he hides by sitting in plain sight, such as appearing for a book signing in a small town.

The movie is also about Marissa and her aunt, doing their best to cope with life’s worst of times. Marissa seems to find comfort in her favorite movie hero, Devon Danger, but all are in danger once she meets up with not only Greg and STAR, but gangsters! While doing their best to survive the crime lord, Angelia Bronco’s hit, they discover something wants to capture STAR, and it will kill anyone or thing to accomplish their goal.

That’s the nicest way I can summarize STAR. If you watch this movie knowing you’re going to throw you popcorn at the screen, then you will enjoy it. If you view it knowing you will get up and leave (several times), then probably return to your seat – just to see if it’ll end, you may enjoy it. If you want to see a much ruder, hairless Alf with infantile comments, this is definitely your show!

I admit, I laughed at a few scenes, but it was laughter of the tired and harassed. Devon Danger is who made this movie for me. His horrible acting, combined with my love of cheesy, grindhouse movies made this the tiniest bit entertaining. But I believe the movie was supposed to be enervating, with dreadful puns and effects – so job well done!

STAR appears in theaters of independent showings April 28th, 2017.