Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word
Written by Ben Ketai (screenplay) and Mark Haimes
Directed by Simon Rumley
Produced by Peter Facinelli, Robert DeFranco, and Frank Mancuso
Actors: Mike Doyle, Erin Cummings, and Sean Patrick Flanery
March 14, 2017
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

A fiction movie with non-fictional facts makes for a creepy, horrific thriller. Taken from Amarillo, TX headlines, the story of Johnny Frank Garrett is brought with a supernatural flair in Simon Rumley’s Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word.

The semi-fictional tale begins with a young Garrett in the courtroom, accused, tried, and convicted for the brutal rape and strangulation of Sis. Tadea Benz inside the St. Francis Convent. Though one of the jury members feels there’s not enough evidence to convict Garrett, he’s swayed to convict anyway. The day of Garrett’s execution, he lets everyone involved with his death know they’ll pay, and so will their their children …

The movie was superb entertainment. From the merging of fact and fiction, to the startling special effects (Adam’s arm), I was captured by the storyline. The realism of the story is what actually made the paranormal flick so unnerving. Ninety-five minutes of solid acting, instead of jump scares and gore, made it a pleasant change of pace.

Johnny Frank Garrett’s Last Word is due to release March 14, 2017. Be sure to catch it!