Written and Directed by Zachary Beckler
Produced by Zachary Beckler and Susan Williams
Starring Christopher Carullo and Piper Patterson
Released October 26, 2014
Reviewed by Alyssa Hunt

Interior, Zachary Beckler’s first movie, was filled with comedic realism and a little scare. Sam, doing a favor for his ex-girlfriend, decided to investigate her home. She claimed it was haunted and her daughter spoke with one of the inhabitants who went by the name of Emily. So with rented equipment, he went for an over night to make contact with the ghost. What ensued was jocular, practical and perplexing.

The movie carried a small bit of history, lending substance to the plot of the story, but it wasn’t really about reaching Emily; it was all about Sam. Without giving any SPOILERS, I admit I found Sam’s character likable. His actions were easy to see truly happening in real life, especially when one is alone. I didn’t like his setup about the house, so much was missed because he wasn’t as much of a professional as he pretended to be, but what was seen and affected him was enough to keep me interested.

The climactic ending held a strange vortex that didn’t make much sense, but I managed to walk away from Interior with a smile on my face. It was entertaining and gave me a couple of jump-scares, and isn’t that what all horror lovers long for?

I believe Beckler can create more and will improve in time. I’ll be watching for him. Interior released on October 26th of 2014 and can be viewed anywhere online streaming is available.