Home Education
A London Film School Production
Written & Directed by Andrea Niada
Produced by Chiara Cardoso
Musical Score by Andrea Boccadoro
April 2017
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

Rachel is homeschooled. In her home, her mother teachers by giving “Life Lessons” from the hip. In their library are volumes of journals, turned school books, that tell why things are the way they are. They’re her mother’s radical thoughts and ramblings, but Rachel does as she is told, accepting her form of Unschooling. When her father passes away, her mother creates an entirely new form of Health lesson, and sets the house on a path of waiting for Rachel’s father to return.

The movie is one of the strangest, but the best I’ve seen in short films. Home Education is eerie and chilling, due to the atmosphere of the home… and the music. Andrea Boccadoro created the score to leave you unnerved while watching the flashes of the bizarre and ghastly, while Rachel tries to find reasoning. She truly wants to understand.

The best part of the film is that Rachel knows her mother isn’t correct in her lessons, or her assessment of the situation. The explanations offered by her mother are nonsensical, and clash with the sort of sense she uses for comprehension. Rachel interprets, from this sense, more than her mother realizes and that’s what makes her decision at the end so perfect. I’d like to see more by this team.

There will not be a trailer or anything more with Home Education until the end of the Atlanta Film Festival and tour, where Home Education, along with one hundred eleven other short films were picked from six thousand! From there, the short will debut on the big screen at the 7Stages Theater, so if you’re in Georgia, be looking out!

For more information, visit http://www.homeeducationfilm.com