Evil Nanny
Directed by Jared Cohn
Written by Naomi Selfman
Produced by Dylan Vox
Starring Lindsay Elston, Nicole Sterling, and Matthew Pohlkamp
December 27, 2016
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

From what I understand, Evil Nanny is taken from true events. I tried to look up a case similar to this movie, but couldn’t find one. With that, I’m only to assume it set precedent to anything from ever happening, like this again. I hope so, because this movie was insane!

Evil Nanny tells the story of a couple with two children, trying to get settled into their inherited home. Fay, the wife, is trying to get back to work after maternity leave, while husband Tim is working on a special project that keeps him away from home. With that, they decide to hire a nanny for their children. In steps Jen, the seemingly perfect young lady the job. But they learn within days, the girl has issues, and now, they do too.

From excessive drinking to neglecting the children, they immediately regret hiring the live-in. But when they decide to fire her, they realize they’re stuck with a person who’s out to ruin their entire lives. Nothing they do or say seems to help them, and living in a state where certain details are more pro-tenant than landlord, their nightmares plummet to deeper, darker depths. They can’t get rid of the girl.

Now because I’ve never imagined having a stranger in my home, this movie set me in a vicious mood. The movie did what it set out to do, show me I’ll never have this in my life! Also, know your laws, because Jen did. She knew exactly what to do to start a row with her tenants and knew the right people to get her exactly what she wanted. It was unbelievable. It was good, like something from the Lifetime Network.

Evil Nanny released in December of 2016.