Central Park
Written/Directed by Justin Reinsilber
Produced by Justin Silber and Melissa Chamberlain
Starred: Justiin A. Davis, Ruby Modine, Malika Samuel, and Deema Aitken
Reviewed by A. Renee Hunt

For some reason, I was forced to type this review twice. Sadly, the second (this one) will not be as amazing as the first. Through some glitch in my server’s system, my original review was lost – it was dynamic too.

The movie, Central Park, is a collage of characters with quiet reasoning, which resulted in my brain orbiting the gaps, seeking connection as to why the occurrences were taking place. I managed to see where things were to puzzle together, but there were no defining explanations. We didn’t receive a diatribe, from the villain, on how he was exacting revenge. There was no monologue of figuring out why things were happening and no words flashed across the screen, providing closure.

There are groups of people this story pertains to: The Teens, the Man in the Woods, The Teacher (Daniel), and the Detectives. Each have a story, but none are that deep. The characters are flat and just barely relatable. The ones I truly managed to care for died gruesome deaths; I was actually disappointed.

So when the 80s passed, I allowed my love for slasher pictures to die, but I took the 90 minutes to see if I could rekindle my joy for the lone killer in a movie. This one didn’t do it for me. It was cliché and left me wanting. I won’t offer up any SPOILERS, but I can say that even the explanation, with what followed, didn’t give up any closure. What a bummer…

Central Park released on February 8, 2017. Be sure to check it out, wherever movies are rented.