Cabrito “Kid/Child” and Rosalita [Parts 1 & 2]
Written by Luciano de Azevedo, Carolina Queroz, Pedro Carcereri, and Francisco Franco
Directed by Luciano de Azevedo
Produced by Isabella Abrevi and Yuri Westermann
Starring Samir Havaji, Sandra Emilia Costa, Pri Helena, and Nino de Barros
Reviewed by Alyssa Hunt

Both Cabrito and Rosalita are short films, but the symbolism of the stories is incredible. Focused on one man and his mama, Cabrito begins a journey into insanity, where there’s no return. Pushed beyond the brink, you watch in a sort of stupor as a man falls to his demons. Rosalita picks up from there, the carnage now all-consuming and possibly spreading.

In Cabrito, you’re introduced to The Son. He’s empty-handed and a disappointment to his dear mother. She lets him know, sharing a lexicon of biblical detestation, even telling him he can eat nothing because he brought nothing. And like the respectful son he is, with little argument he accepts the abuse, projecting his thoughts and emotions in another area of his life. When his mama somehow discovers his secret, his demons seem to flow from nightmare into a gruesome reality.

When Rosalita begins, you find The Son in an even darker place; his demons have overcome, which have caused him to deteriorate (I can’t say exactly how). The fissures of what was hidden within Cabrito Part 1 have spread to non-existence. He’s a monster but doesn’t even know it. His actions have pushed him to the brink and there is no coming back.

I watched both of these movies in utter shock. They’re gruesome, but not in the way you may think. They’re sub-titled, so you have to read fast, or you’ll miss what they’re trying to show you, but you get it. Oh yes, the movies definitely have something to share, and I’m not talking about the blood and gore either. It’s a horrific masterpiece, wrapped up in about a half-hour time slot.

Watch Cabrito and Rosalita; they’re winners in my opinion.