The German director  Ralf Kemper has again started up with a new film project called  Unterwelt – The World Beyond. Kemper has also produced the films Attack Of The Killer Backpacks, a horror comedy, as well as the end-time thriller Toxic Lullaby, which was awarded for the best International Horror Film in 2010 within the New York International Film and Video Festival.

Unterwelt – The World Beyond was filmed in bunkers and rock crawl spaces underneath Kassel/Germany from April to May 2017. The scary ambience provided the experienced actors and the graduated students and pupils of the Kassel drama school a perfect scenery for the nerve-racking independent film, which had not particularly a high budget but therefore could come up with a high motivated team and an experienced  producer/director. With music by Peter Stilles, head of PROJECT PITCHFORK.

A short insight into the story line gives you a first taste of the thrilling story:

After a photoshooting for gothic fashion in an old bunker, the entrance key gets lost. The three models and the photo team are desperately searching for another exit. While seeking they are getting deeper into a labyrinth until they are covered by insanity and hopelessly. Not all of them manage to find an exit and one of them has to face a horrifying discovery…

…and fans of this genres doubtlessly some grueling, nightmarishing and suspense-packed minutes.


Spontitotalfilm youtube channel:

Film song music clip “The Wolrd Beyond – Lola`s Love Song”