The Jigsaw Murders (1989)
DVD Street Date: May 30, 2017
DVD SRP: $19.95

Thriller / 98 min / R / Color

Director: Jag Mundhra
Starring: Chad Everett, Michelle Johnson, Yaphet Kotto, Jill Jacobson, Michael Sabatino

Synopsis: Solving this puzzle could prove fatal! Chad Everett (Medical Center, Fever Pitch) and Yaphet Kotto (Live and Let Die, Alien) co-star in this exciting thriller! Detective Sergeant Joe DaVonzo and his young partner are trying to solve murders committed by a demented serial killer with the help of a jigsaw puzzle, but will all the pieces fall into place before DaVonzo’s daughter (Michelle Johnson, Blame it on Rio, Waxwork) ends up the killer’s next victim? Jag Mundhra (Night Eyes, Last Call) directed this riveting thriller that will keep you guessing till the final thrilling scene.