The Foot Doctor Letters

A Serial Killer Speaks Out

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Releases December 1, 2017

Witness the genius of evil. A serial killer speaks out. Collected here are the ramblings of the notorious Andrew “the Foot Doctor” Masters – the rapist and murderer who terrorized a city in the early nineties. Read in his own words how this madman recounts his life, from his violent upbringing, to his life on the streets, to his eventual rise into criminal infamy.

Rex Hurst is a writer from the prestigious Hurst family of Hurstberg, Germany. He first emigrated to the United States knowing only a slight smattering of English and taught himself up to a proficient level working as a taxi driver in the urban blight of New York City. He has eventually obtained Master’s Degrees in Forensic Psychology and Linguistic Taxonomy, and has been forced to relocate to Juno, Alaska for tax reasons. He refuses to marry or have children or own property as he feels that these systems have been perverted by the government into a weapon which can be used by the state to batter a person down and tangle up his life so as to better control him. He also is attempting to discover if one can grow wheat in a pot sitting by the window.