The Boulevard Monster Tackles Themes of Isolation and Morality Versus Opportunity

The Boulevard Monster, a new dark thriller of horror by Jeremy Hepler, has been released by Bloodshot Books.  A debut novel, it tackles issues such as isolation, morality versus opportunity, and familial obligation. A novel of a horrific serial killer, it also utilizes a Hitchcockian style mixed within its crime elements with the use of blue jays, which are portrayed beautifully on the book cover by Ben Baldwin.

In the book, to save his family from the danger that he brought upon them, the protagonist Seth Fowler must find a way to best an ageless, bloodthirsty killer who has unfathomable powers and is protected by a horde of demented blue jays.

“One day when my son Noah and I were chalking on the back porch, a blue jay landed on top of our A-frame swing, “ Hepler said about his inclusion of blue jays into the novel. “It watched us draw for a while before hopping down onto the cement right next to us. Over the next week or so it came back, sat on the swing nearly every day, and watched us. We named it Mr. Blue, and while we were outside one afternoon, Noah, prodded by a slew of recent break-ins on our street, asked me, “Dad, do you think Mr. Blue protects the house for us while we’re gone?” That night I worked until dawn on a manuscript I had written, rewriting the first few chapters and adding blue jays into the story as the antagonist’s deliverers, watchers, spies, but more importantly, his companions.”

Hepler said the main inspiration for the plot of the story came during a walk past a construction zone, when one worker was off to the side with a shovel and strange, paranoid look on his face.

The Boulevard Monster came out on April 7, 2017 and can be purchased on Amazon as well as other online retailers in paperback and e-book. A stay-at-home dad and Texas resident, Hepler has been previously published in various anthologies and is currently working on his second novel.

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