Not content with the entertainment offerings in our native dimension, Severin Films is piercing the veil of reality and entering into THE OTHERWORLD with uncanny visionary Richard Stanley -the acclaimed writer/director of HARDWARE and DUST DEVIL, as well as catalyst for the hit documentary LOST SOUL: THE DOOMED JOURNEY OF RICHARD STANLEY’S ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU – bringing his most outlandish film to DVD and Blu-ray on August 29th! The first 2500 units include a strictly limited bonus DVD of Stanley’s previous documentaries (THE WHITE DARKNESS, THE SECRET GLORY, and VOICE OF THE MOON), complete with audio commentaries and brand new introductions! A very limited number of copies signed by Richard Stanley will also be available from Severin Films and DiabolikDVD directly.

For Stanley, the ultimate real-life horror may be just outside his door: Hidden deep within the French Pyrenees is an area known as ‘The Zone,’ where a shocking convergence of ancient occult legacies may have formed a portal to other dimensions. Stanley explores this shadowland of unexplained phenomena via chilling history, disturbing interviews, and unnerving footage of his own supernatural transmutation that “will make the hair on your neck rise” (Hollywood Reporter). Severin Films presentsThe Director’s Cut of this award-winning documentary – featuring cinematography by Karim Hussein (WE ARE STILL HERE) and an original score by Simon Boswell (SANTA SANGRE) – now on disc for the first time ever.

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Making-Of Featurette
  • Trailer
  • Limited 2500 Bonus DVD Includes VOICE OF THE MOON, THE WHITE DARKNESS, and THE SECRET GLORY with new Richard Stanley Intros & Commentary