Perhaps the greatest tree-terror feature ever made, this Allied Artists’ drive-in dynamo FINALLY gets the presentation it demands – a high-contrast, pristine black and white image as only Blu-ray can deliver. It’s so sharp we can even see the seams on Tabonga, the famed Paul Blaisdell-designed demon tree. And how does a man turn into a killer tree? An ancient tribal curse. Modern atomic testing. A native prince taking the fall for murder.

Allied/Monogram never missed a chance to mash-up genres like horror, monsters, and noir – long before it was fashionable. And with this curse, the prince gasps his last… and transforms into the hollow stump that is BARANGA! Sorry, (the trailer gets the monster’s name wrong!) we mean — TABONGA!

Special Features: Original Theatrical Trailer (HD) 16×9 Widescreen