Have you ever really listened to the lyrics sung in lullabies?

Although it’s proven that lullabies help babies to get to sleep, the words sung within these traditional songs are often more unsettling than soothing. We’ve looked into lullabies from around the world and found that creepy lyrics are a common theme – despite originating from a time before global communication.

Examples of creepy lullaby creatures include:

•       The baby snatching Highland Fairy from Scotland
•       The Haitian crab that will eat any child left awake at night
•       An Indonesian Giant in search of crying children at night
•       The shapeshifter prepared to haunt anyone left awake in Trinidad and Tobago

As we all know, persuading babies to sleep isn’t always an easy job, and any parent will tell you of their desperation to soothe a restless baby. Whilst the lullaby has stood the test of time as a way of relaxing at bed time, why are we singing such scary lyrics?

Mattress Online’s interactive map reveals the creepiest creatures from lullabies around the world. You can take a look and listen here:  https://www.mattressonline.co.uk/quiz/creepy-lullabies/