I, Lucifer: Exploring the Archetype and Origins of the Devil
Corvis Nocturnum
Schiffer Publishing (2011)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

Evil must be faced and named – Carl Jung.

There are several books of the title I, Lucifer, so make sure you get this one! I liked this book and the subject matter though my first reaction was negative, as I thought it might be a promotion or an excuse for the worst of human ingenuity, however, I’ve been convinced by this book in the importance of the subject matter. The author has produced a thorough study of all aspects of myths, archetypes, symbols, and related ideas and behaviour pertaining to this subject. The reader is provided with creation stories, poems, quotes, paintings, and other instances and examples, including dark gods, named as Satan, the Devil, Lucifer, etc., those who perform evil, such as sociopaths, and questions of our own possible forbidden and repressed desires.

Is evil just the absence of good, or is this an excuse for a dangerously active choice which expresses that which is unclean, an injustice, a greed, jealousy, deviousness, hatred and the fearful obliteration of others?

The author provides a biography of his own personal journey through this highly interesting and vital  topic, providing historical context, as he asks questions which we can answer for ourselves more adequately upon reading this enlightening and entertaining book. Wow! I am an expert now who can argue my case about good and evil in a way I was not able to before.

Thank you to the author, Corvis Nocturnum. Corvis – a raven, sacred to Apollo and gifted with prophecy. Nocturnum, belonging to the night! He is a graduate of Brown Mackie College, is an artist and writer of many books, including Embracing the Darkness – Understanding Dark Subcultures; Cemetery Gates – Death and Mourning through the Ages; and Allure of the Vampire -Our Sexual Attraction to the Undead. He is also the co-founder of Dark Moon Press.