Earth & Bone Oracle – Honor the Concepts of Rebirth and Transformation
Sirian Shadow
Rockpool Publishing (November 2023)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes 

Natural cycles and the seasons of life are reflected in this Gothic style deck. As we each possess dualities of light and dark, positive and negative times in our life, kind and cruel, this deck focuses on balancing the energies, revealing shadows and healing through empowerment, change, and renewal. The deck reminded me of the death and transformation, endings and beginnings card in the Tarot. 

The box glints and catches our eye with pale blue highlights, and the edges of the cards also have pale blue gilding. Each card carries an image, number, title and keywords, and in the accompanying full color book there are an additional 300-400  words of channeled messages and affirmations. Images are skeletons, moon, roses, animals and human – a dark forest setting. Titles are Roots, Wayfarer, Sorcerer, Fate, Cage, Adversary, Serpent, Beast, Specters, etc. We are reminded to live our best life now and not wait. 

Information is provided on all required information: how to use them, cleanse them with sound and smoke, bonding with the cards, linking in, shuffling, etc. There is also a guided meditation provided. The spreads are Single Card, Double Card and Triple Card. I surprised myself by liking this deck. Some cards feel like the bottom of the barrel, but from there, it’s one way only – and that’s up! I like the grittiness of the Earth element and especially love the ancient mysteries associated with bones. 

Good choice!