The Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle
Athene Noctua
Hay House (September 26, 2023)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

“Our life paths are interwoven with the animals we share our planet with.”

Athene Noctua has created several card decks. She is an English artist who has combined runes with the animal world to produce this quirky and cute oracle. Each card carries an Elder Futhark rune that is paired with an animal companion. The cards can either be read using the rune or the animal symbol or both.

The runes originally had a connection to nature and this connection is important in the reading so the book gives the rune letter, the godform, and the animal. The book also provides information on runes for the beginner and I think this would make an interesting gift for a young and inquisitive person. The write-up gives explanation of the artwork combined with the rune, a handful of keywords, and offers a magical working.

Sample: Ingwaz – Lion – Still, but with slowly building intensity, the full maned lion, is poised for action. He holds within himself, the potential for an explosive release of energy. He is the leader of his pride. If called to it, he will make the ultimate sacrifice to ensure the survival of the next generation. This rune is of growth, the spark of life, and the germinating seed. It has enormous creative potential, and is the fertile male representation, in balance with his female. If you receive this rune, consider taking time to create space for transformation and inner growth. It is time to build up your energy stores. An explosive expenditure of energy may be needed. In reverse, this rune can indicate impotence, immaturity, scattered energy, and a lack of forward movement. Keywords: creation, wholeness, harmony, evolution, energy, magical workings. This rune can function as a container or receptacle for energy, so on the full moon, consider inscribing it on a clear quartz stone before you charge it in the Moonlight.

The spreads are: The 3 Sisters (3 cards); 3 to the Power of 3 (9 cards); Fork in the Road (7 cards); The Ultimate Outcome (5 cards); and the Full Picture (4 cards).

Very enjoyable images. I would have liked more divination, especially for beginners.