Trick or Treat Tarot
Barbara Moore
Llewellyn Worldwide (Dece. 6, 2022)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

Sample: 10 The Wheel of Fortune: Generally, we know what kind of candy we have based on the wrapper. It’s nice when life is labelled clearly. But it doesn’t happen often. Mostly, we don’t know, which is one reason that people have a Tarot reading to tell the future. But sometimes, we must make a choice without reliable information, and then it is the luck of the draw. When this card comes up, be grateful because you are in for some good luck and you didn’t do anything to earn it. The best advice is common sense. You have a lucky break, so make good use of it. You can view it as a sign that things are going to change – it might be positive if you are at the bottom of the wheel or negative if you are at the top, since there is only one way to go from there! If you want to get philosophical about it, you might consider that good luck isn’t random. It’s a gift of fate (or possibly the fates) to help you move forward towards your destiny. Keywords: fortune, chance, opportunity, destiny, fate, good luck, change. Reversed: bad luck, misfortune, failure, unexpected setback, reversal, delay.

This is the time of endings and beginnings when the veil is at its thinnest, when we connect with something greater than ourselves. It is an ideal time for a tarot reading, and this specialist deck is designed for the Samhain party and festival. This is the time when the Celts held their New Year Celebrations, it is the time when the last harvest of the year is completed, and therefore it is a seasonal touch point when a reading is helpful to provide insight for the future – the darkness of winter ahead.

The companion guidebook provides information on how to use this deck and what each card means in the Trick or Treat scheme. There are keywords and reversed meanings. We create our own identity, as individuals, and this deck will shape you! Get dressed up for the performance of your life!

Spread titles: Trick or Treat 4 cards, Your Haunted House 6 cards, Messages from the Other Side 4 cards, Gathering the Harvest 5 cards, One Card, Three-Card, Horseshoe 7 cards, Making a Choice 7 cards, Yes-No Oracle. Included in this section is an Ancient Celtic Method of Divination using 10 cards.

Barbara Moore has 12 books and decks available including Tarot for Beginners, Mystical Manga Tarot, and Shadowscapes Tarot. Use the Trick or Treat Tarot alongside Shadowscapes Tarot!

Pull a card each morning for a daily reading! Draw up a chair and have a cup of tea! I’m suggesting this deck for beginners to tarot reading. It has a comprehensive ‘spreads’ chapter and I think it will be purchased for the startling horror images. These highly coloured, trendy, computer graphics feature skulls, dripping blood, eye balls, monsters, ghouls, ghosts, pumpkins, bats, black animals, trolls, vampires, mummies, coffins, rats, etc. A Goth’s delight!

It’s a simple deck for the modern Halloween celebration and partying, but remember the title – Trick or Treat! These words have a disturbing underscore, is it a joke or is it a threat?