The Witching Hour Oracle
Cherie Gerhardt
US Games Systems, Inc. (November 18, 2021)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

(Author’s note: Please note that Rockpool Publishing have released a card deck with the title Witching Hour Oracle, written by Lorriane Anderson, June 2023.)

Sample Card: 30 The Blood Moon – Justice, Waning Moon, Crone. The Waning Blood Moon is the time for justice. The Crone is pictured on this card with a firm sturdy grip on the scales of justice, referring to fairness by weighing the evidence. The scales represent her consideration of her current existence and her mortality. The crone is blind-fold to represent impartiality to the situation. Drawing this card is time to consider just behaviour or treatment in a specific set of circumstances. Have you been fair in a particular situation with a loved one? Have you rushed to a conclusion without considering the thoughts and feelings of another person? Or has someone not treated you fairly in a recent situation? The time is right to find where the iniquity lies and bring justice to that situation.

The cards provide a computerised image, a number, title and subtitle of a moon category. In the guidebook, we have also categories of the moon phases and what aspect of the triple goddess is alluded to. Each card is explained in 50 words, with a Friendship 70 word addition. We are given information about the witching hour, between 2AM and 4AM, about magick, the old gods, moon cycles, and the mother, maiden and crone.

As you prepare to read the cards, use music, incense, a journal, and use a grounding method that is provided. Cards feature digital art of multi racial women of all ages.

The cards are divided into 13 categories of full moon titles: Wolf, Ice, Crow, Growing, Hare, Mead, Buck, Barley, Harvest, Blood, Blue, Snow and Cold, etc.

The images are good and the write-up is excellent! For those who want to keep learning!