Nitehawk Cinema’s Nitehawk Shorts Festival will partner with Sundance Now and Shudder streaming services to present curated programs from the 2017 Festival beginning January 2, 2018 and lasting through February 4, 2018.

The announcement is one of two recent expansions made to the Festival in the past year. During summer 2017, Nitehawk Shorts Festival toured to select independent theaters within the U.S. with its inaugural Nitehawk Shorts Festival Selects program.

“The mission of the Nitehawk Shorts Festival is to support independent short filmmaking, and part of that includes getting as many eyes on short films as possible. We believe in a symbiotic relationship between theatrical and streaming, so our exciting new partnership with Sundance Now and Shudder will allow an even wider audience to have access to these incredible works,” said Caryn Coleman, director of programming/special projects at Nitehawk Cinema.

The Best of Nitehawk Shorts Festival program on Sundance Now highlights exceptional short-form filmmaking from the 2017 festival at Nitehawk Cinema. More than ever before, the agility of short filmmaking allows filmmakers to address the increasingly unstable world in a remarkably relatable way. The short films in this program are a part of this array of voices that aren’t simply imbued with the political climate but also of the more humanizing aspects we need reminding of such as culture, family and love.

Films included in the Sundance Now program are: THE RABBIT HUNT (directed by Patrick Bresnan), UNPRESIDENTED (directed by Jason Giampietro), AND THE MOON STANDS STILL (directed by Yulia Ruditskaya), CURTIS (directed by Tannis M. Spencer), ADOLESCENCIA (directed by Jose Fernando Rodriguez), DAYTIME NOON (directed by Micah Perta), NIGHT (directed by Joosje Duk), REBUILDING IN MINIATURE (directed by Veena Rao), YES, GOD, YES (directed by Karen Maine), CLOUDY ALL DAY (directed by Dylan Pasture), and THE TABLES (directed by Jon Bunning).

On the premium horror streaming service Shudder, the “Midnite” Nitehawk Shorts Festival program will highlight exceptional short-form filmmaking in the horror genre from the 2017 festival at Nitehawk Cinema.

Co-programmed by Sam Zimmerman (Curator, Shudder) and Caryn Coleman (Director of Programming, Nitehawk Cinema) these poignant and fun short films represent the very best of new horror voices.

The short films featured include: ELEGY (directed by CJ Gardella), UNDRESS ME (directed by Amelia Moses), THE MUSIC LESSON (directed by Adam R. Brown & Kyle I. Kelley), VORE (directed by Lauren Erwin), THE CALL GIRLS (directed by Juice), YOUR DATE IS HERE (directed by Todd Spence & Zak White), and CRESWICK (directed by Natalie Erika James).

“For access to the streaming platforms, please visit and Visit the Nitehawk Shorts Festival official website for more information on the festival.”

Here’s what Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman had to say about the exciting partnership: “Short film and short programs are such an exciting form and introduction to talent. I’m fortunate to co-program Nitehawk’s Midnite and to now bridge it with Shudder, so our members everywhere can see some of the best genre short filmmaking this year is a delight.