Bob Golub’s DIE LAUGHING is available now on major digital platforms.  The film stars and centers around actor/stand-up comedian Bob Golub.

Bob doesn’t just kill the crowds with his jokes; he sometimes just kills them. He answers an online ad placed by a documentary filmmaker searching for people who have committed an actual homicide; and insanity and murder ensue as we get an inside look at this funny guy’s demented, murderous, and darkly comedic world.

DIE LAUGHING is a completely improvised work from the minds of Golub and his filmmaking partner-in-crime, Mark Mannschreck. Inspired by the likes of the cult hit Man Bites Dog, this pseudo-documentary was shot over many months on the road with Golub using a single camera in a raw, cinéma vérité style.

Terror Films is releasing this film across multiple digital platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Google Play/YouTube, Xbox Live, and many others. The release begins with North America and will be followed by a worldwide digital release on iFlix.