The Insatiable is yet another vampire film that we can add to the list this year. However this film brings a different approach to the table and one can almost classify it as a dark vampire comedy. The difference between this one however and most vampire films, is that this film plays almost like a television pilot than a movie.

The Insatiable is about a guy named Harry Balbo, a normal everyday single guy, working a sales job and living in a apartment in the city. One night he witnesses a a vampire named Tatiana killing her victim. Harry, seeing the beauty in her, build a cage in his basement and lures Tatiana into it, using himself as bait. He then traps her there, and begins to get to know her. But without fresh blood to drink Tatiana could die. So now Harry must decide if he wants to bring her victims to drink, or give into her seductive ways.

The screenplay for this film was from the beginning is bit off. Their is really no sense of great character development and the story is all over the place, however once the story moves into the second act is when things begin to pick up and the story gets better and the pacing of the film stays the same throughout the rest of the film. The dialogue for this film however got really corny, and I’m not just talking for select scenes, I’m talking for most of the movie. This is my reason for thinking that this film was meant to be more of a vampire comedy than anything.

To coincide with the script, all the actors seemed to have read it word for word. Being that the script was so-so, it pretty much say’s the same thing with the acting. Sean Patrick Flanery performance along with his co-star Charlotte Ayanna were good with what they had to work with. However I felt as if the actors toyed around a lot with the corny dialogue and it did effect the way I viewed their performances. To be honest, the majority of the supporting cast felt like they were more or less part of low budget sitcom, rather than take their roles serious with the script at hand. Needless to say I don’t blame them.

The production value was not bad, but could of been better. Like I mentioned so many times in this review I felt like I was watching a made for television film, which I heard that this film will be playing on Sci-fi channel in the near future so it could be true. Everything from the sets to the costumes yelled “Made for Television”, however the overall production did have this cool glossy look to it, that was not that bad. But like I said it was very much like a TV film nonetheless. In terms of special effects we really don’t get a whole lot of gore or guts, but we do get some, the film’s effect mainly consist of a lot of blood and a few severed limbs, but that’s about it.

Overall, I can’t say this was a film I really enjoyed, towards the end it got better but by the time it got it conclusion the damage was already done. I can’t classify this film as just a horror movie because weather or not the dialogue in this film was meant to give it that cheesy b-movie feel or not I’ll never know. It had a lot of comic elements that left me wondering if the film was meant to be taken as a serious horror film, or just some dark comedy vampire film. Fans of vampire films will probably like this one, especially if you don’t mind a good cheesy lime here and there. However I think it might fall short as a film that horror fans will get frightened from because it’s not a scary film at all.

– Horror Bob