On a chilly November evening, sixteen days passed since Halloween and no one would have thought the wiser. Horror filmmakers from AfterDark’s 8 Films to Die For converged on an intimate gathering of the minds and talent. The place was Dark Delicacies www.darkdel.com, in Burbank, California. I was lucky enough after my interview last week with Corri English to suggest a small group signing and her agreeing that it was a good idea.

News of the UNREST filmmakers meeting me spread like wildfire and before I knew it, I had a guest list of twenty-seven that included: Jason Todd Ipson – w/d/p, Chris Billett – wr, Corri English – Lead, Scot Davis , Joshua Alba, Jay Jablonski, Marisa Petroro–UNREST; David Arquette – dir. THE TRIPPER; Rachel Miner, Richard Brandes – dir. PENNY DREADFUL, Mike Mendez – Dir., Clare Kramer, Megahn Perry, Oakley Stevenson, David Armstrong, Joseph Bishara (composer) – THE GRAVE DANCERS; Alex Solowitz, Andrea Bogart, Jennifer Tisdale, David Rogers, David Warden, Robert Dean Klein (writer), Chris M. Williams (producer) – DARK RIDE; JS Cardone – dir., and Lori Heuring – WICKED LITTLE THINGS.

Posters were signed, wine poured and horror fans from across Southern Cali flocked into the establishment run by Del and Sue Howison. Spooky Dan and Ryan Rotten were also on hand for the festivities. After the fans wandered out, the tables were pushed aside, chairs came together and an unprecedented event took place; a discussion of horror films and the genre through the ages from 8 different film perspectives.

The forum was led by myself and Del Howison with colored commentary from special guests Paul Lynch (Prom Night) and Jeffrey Reddick (Final Destination, Tamara, Day of the Dead (2007).

Please stay tuned to The Horror Review for the first of its kind roundtable horror discussion from the talent behind AfterDark’s 8 Films to Die For. www.horrorfestonline.com

–Jack Reher