The “Ichi the Killer” DVD includes The Following:

Disc 1:

  • Scene selection
  • Subtitling on/off
  • 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 JAPANESE
  • Dolby Digital 4.0 ENGLISH
  • Scene selection
  • Subtitling on/off
  • Subtitles including:


Disc 2:

  • Video interview with director
  • Video interviews with cast
  • Biographies of cast
  • Filmographies
  • Film Notes
  • Original trailer
  • European promo
  • Original Japanese Press Kit
  • Takashi Miike Interview
  • Storyboard
  • Behind the scenes
  • Production stills
  • Campaign Artwork
  • Photo gallery

My Review of “Ichi The Killer”.

Some of the best films I’ve seen this year have come straight out of Asia. “The Eye”, “Versus”, and now “Ichi the Killer” has arrived and satisfied my need for more of the greatness of horror coming out of the east.

“Ichi the Killer” has some great gore and a great story (See Synopsis below). The plot is really cool and is along the line of a “Pulp Fiction”, “Kill Bill”, kind of film. (Yeah it’s got a Quentin Tarantino kind of feel to it). There are some pretty good Martial Art’s gangster type fight and new original ways of killing people. Ichi is a character I’m sure most High School nerd can relate to. I really don’t want to get to much into the plot of the film, this is one you got to just watch, it well worth it. The film is gory fun and has got a great plot that twists and turns into a great move. Pick up the DVD, you can buy though the website listed above or rent the edited version at your local Blockbuster video.


An ultra dark, deeply unsettling, extreme psychological thriller from the director of ‘Audition’, ‘Ichi the Killer’ is probably the most arresting and controversial movie of the last decade.

Based on the ultra-violent
‘Manga’ comic of the same name, this ‘delirious cinematic vision in freefall’ painfully unveils a dark canvas on which is played a terrifying battle of wits between the ultimate sadist and the ultimate masochist.

Lunging between chilling surrealism and graphic hyper reality, Ichi the Killer will shock and amaze you to the core of your foundations, and will
forever change the way you look at the medium of film.

-Horror Bob