The Witch’s Oracle: 2nd edition
Marla Brooks, with crystal and gemstones information by Nicholas Pearson
Illustrated by Aunia Kahn
Red Feather (October 28, 2019)
Reviewed by N. Richards

The second edition of the now classic “witch`s oracle” from Author Marla Brooks`s who is a third generation witch, radio show creator and host ” of the radio show “stirring the cauldron” Para X radio network.

The Oracle card set now contains seven “brand new and inspirational” cards .

After using it daily for over a week I really get the feeling that this is a Witch Oracle by a Witch for a witch , and we all have at least a little witch in us right !? highly likely if you are reading this review.

The set is presented in a classic witchy style with a purple ribbon trim opening an enchanting magnetic shut case.

A beautiful purple and green Aesthetic awaits on the cover of the 128 page booklet. It is easy to follow and explains each of the 45 cards,  with a brief and informative look at the history of the symbol, followed by the meaning which is simple and gentle and not at all overly complicated.

Along with a recommended crystal/gemstone guide to support the energy of the symbol provided by Nicholas Pearson a certified Reiki and crystal healer. At the back of the book is also a section on incense correspondences which came as a lovely little extra at the end.

The cards themselves are beautifully illustrated by renowned esoteric artist Aunia Kahn. The use of a Victorian style vintage wallpaper design adorns the back of the cards in embossed black, and the wallpaper motif is used cleverly throughout the background of each card symbol in different colours of a magical subtle jewel palette, which I found very supportive in a psychological sense to the whole experience.

The whole “shebang” is a thoughtful and insightful tool that is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Can be used alone or alongside a classic tarot card reading to support the messages and gain further wisdom.

One of the suggested and unique spreads is the witches broom spread a six card layout which I tried myself and found to be very interesting and helpful.

As i already mentioned earlier I have been working with the oracle daily in the morning for over a week by taking one card out for guidance on my main priorities for the upcoming day , the guidance as come in the form of Owls, Ravens, Dragons, witches hats, mortar and pestle, the athame , the bell, all of which have been supportive even nurturing and fascinating.  And today’s one was the book of shadows! as I sat down to write! I kid you not. Pretty spooky huh?!

If you’re serious about your spookiness which I most certainly am or if you’re just curious this deck is one you will want to turn to again and again.