Tarot of the Enchanted Garden
Diana Lang, artwork by Rossana Pala
Lo Scarabeo/Llewellyn (September 2023)
Reviewed by N. Richards

Tarot of the enchanted garden has instantly become one of my all time favourite decks!  and that’s saying something! It has a mystical quality that is difficult to define, ephemeral in its beauty and qualities.

The 78 cards along with the 128 page book, come in a compact and sturdy box that slides open vertically, gorgeously illustrated in mysterious shades of lavenders and greys the images have a surreal quality to them something in between a watercolor and chalk gives an almost three dimensional quality to them.

Based on the traditional Rider Waite Smith, Tarot of the Enchanted Garden is a weird and wonderful twist on the traditional version of the tarot; the “garden” is otherworldly in nature and so are its charming and fascinating inhabitants.

The guidebook walks you through the garden with a special spread called ” a walk through the enchanted garden,” which I found refreshing and enchanting! Along with other suggestions and guidance.  Indeed I could easily imagine this deck working very nicely with clients in a professional tarot reading capacity.

Described as a “teachers teacher” Diana  specialises in making the sometimes daunting world of spirituality accessible for everyone, a meditation and yoga teacher for 35 plus years Diana has published many books in the mind body spirit genre. Her expert guidance and experience  is enlightening throughout the booklet , detailed meanings and keywords are given for each of the 78 cards.

Artist Rossana Pala has brought the enchanted garden to life with her use of a silvery and almost misty aesthetic.

Twilight and dusk sort of all in one, Tarot of the enchanted garden is a place you will never want to leave.

Suitable for complete beginners or seasoned practitioners, wherever you are on your tarot journey this deck is ideal for spooky season and beyond.