Vampyre Theatre
Nancy Kilpatrick (author)
Baskerville Books (print)/Amazon Digital Services
December 15, 2019
Reviewed by Elaine Pascale

I believe it is safe to say that Nancy Kilpatrick is a vampire fan.

Since I share a love of the mythical creatures, I am always happy to encounter a Kilpatrick offering that I have not yet read. Vampyre Theatre is novella length and is broken into three acts: “Passion Play,” “Theatre of Cruelty,” and “Melodrama.” From those titles alone, you know there will be intrigue and conflict. If you are familiar with Kilpatrick, you will also expect steamy erotic encounters (and you won’t be disappointed!). The characters are well steeped in theater history, and the writing is seasoned with fitting lines from famous dramas.

Cheryl is a newbie vampire. Her mentor, Aleron, has met a gruesome end, and she is now involved with his most intimate—and seemingly devoted—protégé, Nightshade. Nightshade has no interest in caring for a rookie, yet there is a strong attraction between the two. They dance a figurative pas de deux, tempting each other with blood and sex. Their choreography carefully teases their deep ties to Aleron. Each tries to fully comprehend his “death” (technically, he ceased being undead), as well as the nature of their relationships to him.

Vampyre Theatre is a quick read with sexy and interesting characters. The most compelling is Aleron, who, like Count Dracula of the novel, spends most of the time “off stage,” taking flesh through the recounts of others.

I recommend Vampyre Theatre as an enjoyable, contemporary vampire tale. It is engaging and well written. If you are a fan of graphic novels, there is an illustrated version available.

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