thumbnail_northboundProduction companies Lullskull Ltd. and A Street Films, LLC are proud to announce they have successfully raised funds through Kickstarter to produce the 4-episode Opener to Season 2 of the post-apocalyptic webseries NORTHBOUND. With an astounding 143 Kickstarter backers, strong arts support by area organizations and regional businesses Dickinson County Community Theater and Wild Rivers Realty, and sponsorship by national brands such as GoPro, SOG Specialty Knives & Tools, tactical outfitters Tru-Spec/5ive Star Gear, and winter apparel line BUDA, NORTHBOUND Season 2 will go into production November 29th, 2016.

This community-driven series, made in association with Aerial Vantage Productions is filmed entirely on-location in Michigan’s picturesque Upper Peninsula region, and exclusively distributed by the entertainment website GeekNation. Season 1 production began February 2013 as a proof-of-concept webseries for the forthcoming feature film NORTHSTAR, where as in March 2014, GeekNation acquired the series and aired the complete 6-episode Season 1 as part of its diverse, original programming slate.

Since completion of Season 1, the creators, Michigan natives and brothers Seth and Nathan Anderson, and producer Jason Hagen, have developed an exciting 8-episode NORTHBOUND Season 2 storyline that will lead directly into NORTHSTAR. This season looks to delve deeper into the mystery as to why millions of the U.S. population died off one day, and continues to follow the harrowing struggles of father Alex and his comatose daughter Crystal as they find themselves in the middle of a fractured cease-fire between rival survivalist camps; the pacifist Infinity Group and The Firewalkers militia.

Series regular Nate Alwine returns as ex-Marine and father Alex, along with his real-life daughters Callie and Addie who play Crystal. Mike March returns as the Infinity Group’s leader Wallace, and Don Lofholm returns as mischievous Firewalker squad leader Red Hat. The series will introduce local actors Phil Wentz as Alex’s salvaging partner Danny, Kayla Kelly as an ex-Firewalker Gina, Kaitlin Paupore as a mysterious soldier named Ghost, Joe Stevens as Firewalker leader Big Red, as well as numerous county theater actors and regional non-actors.

Filming of this season will continue to take place in the towns of Iron Mountain, Norway, Channing, with select scenes to be filmed at the decommissioned Air Force base-turned airport KI Sawyer, just outside of Marquette, Michigan. UK-ambient artists O Yuki Conjugate return to provide atmospheric music for Season 2. It is the goal of the Andersons and Hagen to revitalize the arts across the Upper Peninsula and through this new movement, stimulate local economies by cultivating future projects to grow within those communities.

NORTHBOUND Season 2 episodes will premiere Spring 2017, only on GeekNation.

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