Over at Daily Dead, Sara Clements reviews Jon Avnet’s Three Christs: a star-studded flick featuring Richard Gere, Peter Dinklage, and Julianne Margulies, based on the true story of unconventional psychiatrist Dr. Alan Stone (Gere) and, in this instance, his treatment of and interactions with three delusional individuals who all believe themselves to be Jesus. Set in 1959, the film explores alternatives to the otherwise brutal protocols of early psychiatric medicine. In the words of reviewer Clements, “Three Christs is a film all about (re)discovering one’s identity. A film that explores how difficult it is to come to terms with trauma, the process of making peace with it, and ultimately, oneself.”

Read the full review at https://dailydead.com/review-three-christs-is-a-fascinating-exploration-of-the-mysteries-of-the-human-mind/, and watch the trailer here:

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