Bridge of Souls
Greg F. Gifune and Sandy DeLuca
JournalStone Publishing (August 19, 2022)
Reviewed by Andrew Byers

Bridge of Souls by Greg F. Gifune and Sandy DeLuca is an eerie and thought-provoking masterpiece that blurs the lines between horror and reality. This gripping novel takes readers on a haunting journey into the dark and mysterious world that begins at Matheson Manor, a nursing home where the elderly residents are tormented by unexplainable and terrifying sights and sounds of strange figures who visit them in the night.

We follow three main characters: Magdalena, a single mother and caretaker at Matheson Manor who has befriended several of the patients who have witnessed strange goings-on; George, a recently retired widower, whose mother has just died after recording voices in the night; and Winston, a loner whose mother still lives at Matheson Manor. Their paths converge as each attempts to figure out what is really going on, when the story becomes an exploration of their shared quest for truth and understanding.

Gifune and DeLuca masterfully craft a narrative that is equal parts chilling and engrossing. From the outset, the sense of foreboding is palpable, drawing you into a world where the boundaries between dreams, insanity, and reality become blurred. Are elderly dementia patients simply imagining strange encounters? The mysterious recordings left behind by George’s mother add an additional layer of intrigue to the story. The sense of unease and curiosity builds as the characters attempt to decipher the cryptic messages, and the revelations that emerge are both shocking and thought-provoking.

The story is relentlessly atmospheric, creating an eerie and unsettling backdrop that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Tensions ratchet up when Magdalena, George, and Winston themselves start seeing and experiencing events they cannot easily explain. The characters in Bridge of Souls are richly developed, each grappling with their own demons and haunted pasts. One of the strengths of this novel is its ability to delve into the psychological and emotional aspects of horror through these characters. The authors deftly explore themes of loss, grief, and the fragility of human existence. The nightmares and hauntings that torment the characters are not just external terrors but reflections of their inner turmoil, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

As the story unfolds, reality itself becomes a shifting and elusive concept. Gifune and DeLuca skillfully play with perception and the boundaries of what can be trusted, leaving readers questioning the nature of existence and the true meaning of the haunting phenomena.

Bridge of Souls is a haunting and intellectually stimulating read that lingers in the mind long after the final page is turned. Bridge of Souls is a mindf***. There is no other way to describe it. How could it not be, involving themes of insanity, death, the possibility of life after death, and the fears of helplessness and loss in old age? Greg F. Gifune and Sandy DeLuca have crafted a mesmerizing tale that transcends traditional horror, offering a deep and introspective exploration of the human condition. If you crave a novel that challenges your perception of reality while delivering spine-tingling chills, this book is a must-read. Prepare to be enthralled, unsettled, and captivated by the enigmatic world of Bridge of Souls. Definitely recommended.