Sasha Graham, illustrated by Abigail Larson
Llewellyn Worldwide (October 2023)
Reviewed by Natasha Richards

Dark wood mini? Don’t mind if I do! Personally I love anything in miniature, it lends an instant magic, a faery quirkiness to anything that is miniaturized. In this particular case  Sasha Grahams by now classic “Dark Wood Tarot” to new levels of magic.

If you’re not familiar with the classic set, it already has its fair share of “quirk” with illustrations by equally as talented Abigail Larson, and the inspired concept of taking you on a journey through a dark and enchanted wood to uncover truths and epiphanies designed to facilitate the integration of the “shadow”.

The gorgeous artwork has a Grimm’s fairy sort of “dark” quality to it; a palette of rusty reds, soft greens and greys in soft hues soothes both the eye and the soul.

Sasha Graham is a prolific writer on the subject of tarot and has produced many comprehensive books on the art of tarot, including an extra companion book for Dark Wood designed to take you even deeper into the dark wood of your own psyche and soul, also published by Llewellyn.

This charming little deck comes in a glossy card box; the basic guide is available as a free PDF download. Ideal for keeping in your pocket or handbag, the Dark Wood mini makes an ideal stocking filler or small but meaningful gift. Fans of Sasha and of tarot in general will be delighted with this enchanting journey through the dark wood.