This review will probably going to be a short one, mainly because I didn’t realize that this DVD actually contained three short films that I have already reviewed for the site. Honestly I thought that this was director Christopher Allen Broadstone’s first feature film, however the disc includes Broadstone’s three award winning short films Human No More, My Skin and Scream for Me.

Now you may be wondering how one would be able to put three short films on a disc and expect to sell it, well Broadstone’s is in my mind not only one of the best Independent filmmakers around, but also is a good business man in the fact that he knows what horror fans expect when they buy a film on DVD.

There are over four hours on bonus features on this DVD, which include a new hi-def transfer of Scream for Me. Eleven commentaries, including commentary with film critic Eve Blaack (publisher of Hacker’s source magazine) and Producer Christopher Webster (Hellraiser, Hellbound Hellraiser 2). Plus photo galleries, trailers, interviews, and seven behind the scenes featurettes.

Broadstone sent me the three films on this disc a few years ago. I was blown away by all three films not only for their content, but because Broadstone proved to me that he’s is a piece of talent to be reckoned with. with so many new directors hitting the Hollywood scene and getting gig right out film school and making a horror film that not worth anyone’s time to even bother seeing. It just bothers me that someone with such talent as Broadstone does not get hired by studios to direct films. His ability to direct and his eye for the camera is out of this world. Broadstone also has a unique vision and a unique style of filmmaking all his own.

The acting in all of these films is very, very good. Tony Simmons is part of all three films. Broadstone and himself have developed a great working relationship and it shows with all three films. The production value for each film is pretty much the same, its nothing over the top, but it’s perfect enough that the mood and atmosphere are set perfect for each short. The effects are also done very well. Broadstone went into each of these shorts knowing exactly what he wanted and it shows in these three fabulous shorts he was able to put together.

The reviews for each short can be found by clicking on each title: Scream for Me, My Skin and Human No More. You may realize that the reviews are from a few years ago and are a bit short, but I can’t praise each film enough. Broadstone also wrote a book called Puzzleman, which is a great read, and I love for Broadstone to one day make it into a film.

So overall, 3 Dead Girls is one hell of a DVD, I advise any aspiring independent filmmakers out there to pick this disc up by visiting Christopher Allen Broadstone’s website. You’ll see why I praise Broadstone as one of the best in the independent filmmakers around.

– Horror Bob