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  The Hill Have Eyes (1977)

 Film Title: The Hills Have Eyes Year Released: 1977  (2011 - Blu-ray)
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
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Overall Stars: ** Scare Factor: **


   Do you know what is funny about Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes? Is that most people praise it as a great horror film. Personally, I don’t agree. Dare I say I liked the 2006 remake better than the original? Well I do.

   The Hills Have Eyes follows the Carters, a family making their way across the southwestern desert of the United States when their car breaks down. With no one around in sight they are stuck trying to figure out a way to get help. However, up in the hills a family of cannibalistic killers is stalking them, knowing that they are alone. Dinner is served as the cannibals attack the family. However, with the help of the family dog some members of the family will fight to their deaths before they become dinner and end up in the mouths of the people of the hills.

   The Blu-ray disc, now being released by Image Entertainment as part of their Midnight Maddness Series has a lot of special features. There is Audio Commentary with Wes Craven and producer Peter Locke. Two Featurettes that take a look at the making of the film, A feature titled “The Directors” The Films of Wes Craven, an Alternate Ending, Television and Theatrical Trailers, Behind the Scenes photos and much more.

   I always saw this film as mediocre at best. It is a film that I have watched a few times since I was a kid and with each viewing I seem to dislike it more and more. The only thing that I find to be good in the film is the acting and the well written and fun dialogue that is used by the cannibals. I have quoted the film plenty of times. However, I find the filmmaking and flow of the film to lack in many ways. The story needs a bit more to it. I feel that the film is really one that has this eye for an eye mentality, good guys kill one, bad guys kill one, and whoever can get ahead likely survives. It a film that lacks in certain areas which I felt was corrected in the remake.

   The Hills Have Eyes is considered a classic horror film in the eyes of many horror fans. I do think it is a film that is a much watch for all horror fans, and I know there are plenty that will disagree with me. However, I stand true to my word when I say that The Hills Have Eyes is nothing great.  It is a film that has a good story, but the remake is a lot better. On another note; at least we can all agree that the sequel to the original Hills Have Eyes is just plain stupid with the dog having nightmares and seeking revenge. The good thing about this Blu-ray disc is that if you’re a fan of the film, it has a lot of extra features that make it worthwhile.


  - Horror Bob


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