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 David Wellington's Frost Bite (2008)

 Book Title: Frostbite Author: David Wellington
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
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Publisher:  Crown Publishing Group

Overall Stars: *** Scare Factor: ***


     With the remake of THE WOLFMAN hitting theaters in February and other werewolf-based films hitting the big and small screens soon, there have been talks that the wolf will soon replace vampires and the zombies on the big screen as the top sub-genre in horror. On the printed page, however, there is a small abundance of werewolf books, and now, writer David Wellington has joined that small mix with FROSTBITE.

     Wellington is known for his books about vampires, such as 13 BULLETS, 99 COFFINS, VAMPIRE ZERO and his recent effort, 23 HOURS. He is also the author behind the MONSTER ISLAND series.  FROSTBITE, his first werewolf novel, originally was published as an online serial in the July of 2006. It will be hitting bookstores for the first time in October.

     The book is about a woman, Chey, who is sent deep into the Canadian wilderness to do research on wolves. However she is not looking for the typical arctic wolf, she looking for a more advance species that many have claimed has been in the forest. Upon her first encounter with the creature, she finds herself in quite a predicament, but escapes with only some deep cuts and bruises. However, that cut was enough for her to take on the curse of the werewolf. Chey makes her way though the woods and finds a man named Dzo, who introduces her to Monty Powell, a werewolf that Chey thinks may be the one who attacked her. After Chey fails to kill Powell, she meets up with a hired team of assassins that were behind Chey's research the whole time.  They want to kill Powell, and they use Chey as bait to try to lure him in. However, Chey is confused about whom to trust. Should she stay with the men hired to hunt the beast down, or should she help the man who gave her this curse.

     FROSTBITE is a very well-written book that has the perfect balance between story and character development. The chapters are short, which makes the book a very easy read at only two hundred seventy-seven pages. Wellington has a knack for not over-detailing his novels, which not only make them easier to read, but gives the reader an even balance of action and suspense.  There is never a dull moment in his novels.  He keeps the reader glued to the page up until the very end.

     Overall, FROSTBITE is a very good Werewolf novel. Its template for the story is not the most original when it comes to werewolves, but nonetheless, itís an entertaining and suspenseful novel thatís an easy read and very enjoyable. If you are a fan of Wellingtonís other novels, you wonít be disappointed by FROSTBITE.

 - Horror Bob


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