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 Brain's Moreland's Shadows in the Mist

 Book Title: Shadows in the Mist Author: Brian Moreland
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
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Publisher:  Blue Morpho Books

Overall Stars: **** Scare Factor: ***


    I honestly feel bad that at first that I passed on this book.  I didn't think it was going to be something I was going to enjoy. But I was wrong, because Brain Moreland has created a great horror novel.  I'll admit I only cheated myself by not having this book sent to myself first.  Shadows in the Mist is probably one of the best books I've read this year.  It's not a book that is really scary, but the story is one that you get sucked into, and once you start reading it, it's a hard book to put down.

    One thing that divides Shadows in the Mist from all the other horror novels I've read is that the book is just as much of a story about World War 2 than it is a horror story.  Brian Moreland takes some war stories that his grandfather told him about and has combined them with the mystical legend of the golums, with a spin of horror.

    The story starts off with a young guy who's in the service named Sean Chambers, he is on his way to visit his grandfather Colonel Jack Chambers.  His grandfather has a secret he has been keeping for over sixty years, a secret that has been eating at him.  We soon are taken back into the future during World War 2 where U.S. Forces are closing in on Nazi Germany. Colonel Jack Chambers and his band of men know as The Lucky Seven.  They are asked to carry out one last mission along with a group of X-2 Commandos.  However this mission is one that is a lot different than many of the other ones.  This is a mission that not only involves the unknown, but is one that can change the fate of man.

  I honestly don't want to give a lot of the plot of this book away.  It has some great unexpected twists as well as a great moral ending. One of which made me not only respect Brian Moreland as a writer, but as a person as well.  You can tell that this book was written from the heart. Brian wrote this book for his grandfather, who he describes as his own personal hero. I can relate, my grandfather was and still is my own personal hero as well.  Knowing this made me enjoy this book more. Although  the story is fiction, it fully describes the horror of World War 2 that our grandfather all went though.

   Overall, Shadows in the Mist is one of the best books that I've read this year. It's a different kind of horror story altogether.  It takes the horror of world war two, with a twist of the occult and the fear and monsters of a horror film. Brian Moreland is a major new talent of the horror novel.  Visit Blue Morpho Books (Website link above)  to purchase Shadows in the Mist, it's one book I highly recommend all horror fans read.

 - Horror Bob


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