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 Film Title: Kibakichi Year Released: 2005 (Video)
Reviewed By: Horror Bob
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Overall Stars: **1/2 Scare Factor: **1/2


    "Kibakichi" is the first of many films to come from MTI Videos new Asian label "Saiko films"  The film is very unique. It's basically a spaghetti western and a Samurai film all in one. It's very violent and it has a horror feel to it. There are plenty of monsters in the film, and some great fight scenes.


    The movie is about a Samurai Warrior named "Kibakichi" who is traveling the country side. He has a secret however, sharp fangs in his mouth.  it's not really explained right away why he has them though.  Well, as he is traveling he comes across a remote village where he finds Geisha, who turns into a giant man-eating spiders and demons disguised as humans.  we soon learn that the hunt for human flesh was a contract with the town crime boss, however we don't know what the crime boss's plan is.  Kibakichi soon begins to mutate and the battle between go and evil begins.


     This film at first was a bit weird, I usually don't mind watching films with subtitles but I'm glad that this film was dubbed in the English language or I probably would of had no clue what was going on.  The film starts off with a awesome fight scene, and that's what caught my attention. It's a very dark film and reminded me a lot of films such as Legend of the Phantom Rider, Mad Max and the Conan films. The script is not half bad, at times it did feel like it was all over the place, but none the less it was not that bad.


     The acting was pretty good, I noticed that the acting is what really sucked me into the film, good casting on the part of the casting director. the production value was alright, but some of the scenes and effects including the monster looked very fake. Some of the effects were terrible when it came to the monster, I felt like I was watching a puppet show.


     But overall, not a half bad film from the east. I'm sure anyone who is a big fan of the Conan films an Red Sonja will enjoy this flick.

- Horror Bob


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